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Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Zealanders in Royal Wedding

(New Zealand Twitter)-Aucklander Emilia Wickstead is now based in London, and for the last few weeks she's had a trail of well-known Brits asking for her designs.

Next time you see her outfits they might be walking into Westminster Abbey.
Emilia Wickstead grew up in Auckland helping her mum with a made-to-measure business. Now she’s 27 and living in London, she's measuring up as a hit with high-profile Brits.

She's dressing Kate's cousin Lucy Middleton, Prince William's cousin Lady Kitty Spencer, Princess Diana's bridesmaid India Hicks and Prince William and Kate's close friend Ginny Fraser, a manager at Vogue Magazine.
And those are just the ones who aren't secret.

UK's first lady has made no secret of the fact that Wickstead is her favourite designer. Wickstead's was the look she wore the day husband David Cameron became Prime Minister. This time she's had to go with another designer, but the Kiwi let slip a secret.

Kate's dress is the scoop Dan Wootton dreams of, the Kiwi is showbiz editor for the News of the World.
“Top of the list for the British press is most definitely David and Victora Beckham, they are very close to royalty and other than Kate Middleton and maybe Pippa Middleton too we're most interested in what posh, who is pregnant at the moment, wears to the ceremony.

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